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Izzan Bacharrudin  Soedarsono

Product, Experience,Games Designer

Designing Scooter as support tool for managing daily operation in Warehouse

Product Design

Form Exploration Course , Meeko as Client
Design Goal How might we do design scooter as support tool for managing daily operation in Warehouse?

Designed a light weight electric scooter that able to give mobility support for warehouse manager to handling daily operation

2018, 6 Week Project

Form Exploration Course

Form Exploration course teach me insight about how to learn advanced skills in form giving and the aesthetical design of physical industrial products. In this course, I learn to identify the premises of form giving such as design strategy, brand positioning, trends, cultural differences in consumer preference and such not forgetting their personal insight.

Every year in this course, student will collaborate with real client. For this year, my client is Meeko, an Electric Scooter company based on Helsinki. Meeko want to us to do some exploration about the development possibilities that can be done on Electric Scooter, to reveal the possibilities of new market for Meeko.

Target Group :
Warehouse (Area) Manager

This scooter concepts will aims Warehouse Manager as main target market. Their role to support daily operation in warehouse, managing, and troubleshooting cause them to have high mobility. Recently they use segway for support transportation, but it’s not suit with the real case because its too heavy. They need a lightweight transportation, so they can easy to carry with.


To have deep understanding about the user, I made some desk research about Warehouse Manager. The things that looking up is about what is the main manager jobs and what the goal that need to fulfilled. Based on the research, there are several user scenario that need to be fulfil as Warehouse Manager :

  1. Support operations leadership team in daily operations 
    management of the delivery station, including route assignment, leading meetings, and communicating with internal and external suppliers.

  2. Build, optimize, and assign delivery routes on your shift.

  3. Troubleshoot problems through to resolution.

Style Inspiration

I did a research that focus on user fashion style and the place where they will work (in this case, Warehouse). The result is the user mandatory to use one hand for doing daily task, such as controlling cart, use phones, or carry a report book.

Design Drivers

One Handed Control
Manager always do use several tools such as pen and paper or tablet to managing the warehouse workflow. Based on that, it will be game changing if manager can control the scooter with one handed.

Lightweight Scooter
Help user can carry it with less effort.

Make user make less focus on stabilize the scooter when using it. This feature will be enable manager to do cruising mode to monitoring the warehouse surrounding.

3D Renderings of Product