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Izzan Bacharrudin  Soedarsono

Product, Experience,Games Designer

Developing GUI for Controlled Vehicle for Underwater Exploration

UI UX Design

UI UX Development

2019, 6 Week Project
Design Goal How might we provide the first “Community Controlled Vehicle (CCV)” for underwater exploration for researchers, explorers, and everyone who is interested in discovering and learning the unknown in ocean
Aalto Explorer

Exploring Under the Sea

FindX structure, how user able to access to Underwater CCV for exploration.

Aalto Explorer originated in 2017 from the Aalto University Product Development Project (PdP) course as a student project sponsored by the company Aalto Industries. A multidisciplinary team of over 10 experts in the fields of engineering, design and business gathered for an ambitious vision: making everyone an ocean explorer, starting by sending a remotely-controlled underwater vehicle to the Baltic Sea in the summer.

Aalto Explorer (AE) envisions a remote vehicle and a network application – the so-called expedition platform – to be controlled by the community and be made available to any oceanenthusiasts, casual explorers and life-long learners, sending them on exciting journeys of oceanic exploration on their own terms and at their own pace. The community and/or experts can organise and book an expedition on one of the AE units deployed around the world.

Developing GUI for Underwater Sea Exploration

When I first time got a brief to develop a GUI for sea exploration in Aalto Explorer, the first I think that how I can create enhanced sea exploration experience that different with others. The biggest challenge on this project is on how to create an exploration experience that can preserve curiosity and giving an exploration feeling rather than just observing. Starts from exploring the sea expedition that can be accessed up to the features that can be accessed when onboarding based on the user.

Three difference roles in FindX.

There are two key element in user flow element in exploration in on Aalto Explore; Browsing Expedition, Buying Tickets, and Onboard Expedition

Information Architecture of the FindX concept.

Browse Expedition

Browsing Expedition flow is about how the user can browse sea expedition that they can join and choose the role that they want to be in a particular expedition. User will be entered to Aalto Explorer web-based dashboard. The UI will be map-based, where use can browse expedition based on location on the map, or browse using a list of expedition that offered. In this flow,  can decide on what roles that they want to be in a particular expedition.

User able to choose which expedition that they want to join

Buying Tickets

After choosing the sea expedition and roles, the user will be lead to choosing ticket that they want to use or buy. 
Every role has their own UI elements feature; Researcher have access to 360 camera, checking the sensor in FindX.  Captain have access to 360 camera, checking the sensor, and control the FindX. Explorer have only access to 360 camera in FindX.

User need to choose which role that they want to choose.

Onboard Expedition

After user choosing expedition, decide which ticket that they used (Researcher, Captain, or Explorer), it will lead to camera view in FindX. Basically all three categories role has similar visual, but only some of features are locked for certain role (for instance, explorer unbale to control the FindX). The concept of the onboard expedition experience in FindX is we want to share and bring communities to explore the sea together, by adding a communication features between user. 

UI of onboard experience in FindX.

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